Date de sortie : 1985
  1. Caislean Oir 2:06
  2. The Wild Cry 4:41
  3. Closer To Your Heart 3:29
  4. In a Lifetime 3:08
  5. Almost Seems (Too Late to Turn) 4:51
  6. Indoor 3:53
  7. Buachill On Eirne 3:08
  8. Blackstairs 2:42
  9. Journey's End 2:42
  10. Northern Skyline 4:58
A noter la participation exceptionnelle de Bono
(du groupe U2) dans "In a lifetime".

Maire Brennan (Harp, Vocals)
Paul Brennan (Flute, Bongos, Guitar, Vocals)
Ciaran Brennan (Double Bass, Guitar, Piano, Vocals)
Noel Duggan (Lead Guitar, Vocals)
Padraig Duggan (Guitar, Mandola, Vocals)
Pol Duggan (Guitar, Vocals)

Bono (Additional vocals on "In a lifetime")
Mel Collins (Sax)
Dany Cummings (Percussions)
Steve Nye (Keyboards)
Anton Drennan (Electric Guitar)